About Us


Dairy “Agro Munevere ” is a family business founded in 1996 in the village Strimnica . This dairy is engaged in processing milk products and its products range is consists of : pasteurized milk , sour milk , yogurt , ayran , cheese and other milk products in different packages .

After certain period and commitment of ” Munevere ” company leaders for providing quality products in Macedonia market, the market demand for this brand increased which coincided with the need to increase production capacity . In order to completely meet the required HACCP standards, ” Agro Munevere ” invested in the new factory building in Tetovo and began with work on a new location in 2003 .

Since the beginning of operation of the factory , the dedication for quality is uncompromising and as a result of it ” Agro Munevere ” in 200X was decorated with the award for quality by the association of private producers of milk and meat products .

Vision “Agro Munevere ” is to be recognized brand in Macedonia and competitive in other markets by offering fresh, healthy and verified quality products.

Mission ” Agro Munevere ” is to meet the daily needs of customers with fresh , healthy and with verified quality and also raising awareness of healthy living.

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